Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why would I refer my Buyer / Renter to Rexmere or Paradise Village? What's in it for me?
2. What makes Rexmere and Paradise Village so much better than other home communities?
3. Do the communities offer amenities?
4. Will I be able to know the progress and outcome of a prospect that I refer?
5. My buyer has credit issues. Is there any hope at Rexmere / Paradise Village?
6. What is a “land lease” community? Why is it more attractive than owning land?
7. What is included in the ~$700-800 monthly land lease fee?
8. Is it true that owning a home in Rexmere or Paradise Village can be cheaper than renting?
9. Are pets welcome at Rexmere Village & Paradise Village?
10. Do Rexmere / Paradise Villages supply information I can provide my prospects?
11. How do I sign up and get involved?
12. What kind of buyers are right for Rexmere Village & Paradise Village?
13. How soon after closing do I get paid?
14. I'm a licensed real estate agent. Can I legally earn commissions on the sale of manufactured homes?

1.  Why would I refer my Buyer / Renter to Rexmere or Paradise Village?  What's in it for me?

Many Rexmere Village & Paradise Village Sales Consultants gladly cooperate with other Realtors.  Referring your prospects to Rexmere Village & Paradise Village can be an easy, turn-key way to boost your sales earnings. With decades of combined experience, our highly experienced sales consultants convert a large percentage of prospects that come to tour the communities. You can supplement real estate commissions without the effort, process and headaches involved in getting a buyer to the closing table. Imagine not having to repeatedly show properties, deal with financing issues, mediate between buyers and sellers, or expend the significant time and energy involved in the closing process.

2. What makes Rexmere and Paradise Village so much better than other home communities?

Unlike other communities – many of which are owned by large corporations located in other states and far removed from the Ft. Lauderdale area -- Rexmere Village & Paradise Village have been owned and operated by the Dale Family since 1979 and 1983.

Both communities have a long, stable history of creating a lifestyle for residents that is of high caliber yet very affordable. The sparkling clean, picturesque and charming appeal of both communities owes largely to insightful initial planning, and ongoing skilled management. The communities have an ongoing effort to upgrade older, out-of-date homes with new/attractive energy-efficient homes whose curb appeal supports property values for all residents.

The Dales take safety and resident quality very seriously. Criminal background checks are part of the routine screening process. Both communities’ well-lit streets are maintained and patrolled by the city of Davie, and the Dales maintain strong relationships with law enforcement officials to ensure the communities benefit fully from public resources.

3. Do the communities offer amenities?

Yes! Families, retirees and snow-birds all choose Rexmere Village and Paradise Village specifically for the resort-like amenities, which include:

  • Very attractive entrances and common areas
  • Enormous and beautiful heated swimming pools
  • Spacious sites
  • Beautiful lakes
  • Off street parking
  • Attractive landscaping
  • Fitness rooms
  • Playgrounds
  • Tennis courts
  • Basketball courts
  • Putting green
  • Library / recreation rooms
  • BBQ pits
  • Shuffleboard
  • Exercise classes
  • Sauna
  • Community parties
  • Movie nights
  • Free tutoring and scholarship programs

4.  Will I be able to know the progress and outcome of a prospect that I refer?

Absolutely. After confirming with the sales coordinator that your prospect is not already in the database and working with a Rexmere Village or Paradise Village Sales Consultant, you are free to collaborate directly with the Sales Consultant as your primary point of contact. In addition, the Rexmere Village / Paradise Village sales coordinator is available to answer any questions you might have regarding appointments, status, application, contract and closing events. We have a robust contact management database and system with customer touch points chronologically recorded.

5. My buyer has credit issues.  Is there any hope at Rexmere / Paradise Villages?

A wide range of financing options and sources are available to Rexmere Village and Paradise Village home buyers.  Many lenders, including traditional banks and private lenders, have worked with community-approved Rexmere Village and Paradise Village home buyers for many years.  Our lower price points on beautiful new model homes can make the dream of home ownership a reality!

6.  What is a “land lease” community? Why is it more attractive than owning the land?

Our land-lease approach is a hybrid buying model that offers the advantages of home ownership without the higher mortgage and property tax expenses associated with buying land. It allows us to offer the dream of home ownership, along with a wonderful resort-like lifestyle, at meaningful savings versus the cost of buying traditional real-estate, and versus the cost of renting in surrounding apartment complexes.

By not buying land, our homeowners save on the significant cash outlay involved in a land-purchase and can keep that money invested and earning income.  Moreover, fees involved in buying land can be extensive and unrecoverable, including title searches, building permits, deeds, closing costs, recording fees, erosion control and driveway permits, commissions and on and on.

In addition, residents pay NO property taxes in Paradise Village and only a small pass-through tax in Rexmere Village. At a time when municipalities are struggling to meet large budget gaps, governments often turn to property owners to bear the brunt of these gaps.  In a land-lease community, residents are protected from the vagaries of government budgets.

Property values declined sharply during the real estate recession of 2008-09.  Rexmere Village and Paradise Village residents were shielded economically from the plunge in land values.  Some of our homeowners purchased because they couldn’t afford land during the real estate run-up and subsequently found themselves with greater net worth than many of the 50% of Florida homeowners who went underwater in their mortgages. Many of our homeowners said they felt pretty financially savvy about their decision NOT to buy land!

Finally, because the community maintains ownership of the land, we are able to ensure quality of homeowners via credit and stringent criminal background checks. In a land-owned neighborhood, a neighbor selling their home is not going to perform a criminal background check on a prospective buyer.  Sellers typically don’t think about neighbors on their way out the door.  In contrast, Rexmere Village and Paradise Village are among the safest communities in Broward, thanks to our screening process and ongoing commitment to maintaining a peaceful, high-quality community.

7.  What is included in the ~$700-800 monthly land lease fee?

Our land-lease business model allows us to keep our communities in tip top shape as we absorb the cost of maintaining facilities and common areas – our lovely lakes, canals, and sidewalks. Included in the land lease fee are real estate taxes*, extensive resort-like amenities, and twice weekly garbage pick-up. Condominiums associations collect maintenance fees; we use the land lease model, which we feel is optimal for anyone seeking affordable housing without sacrificing a lifestyle and extensive amenities.

There are abundant community facilities included in our land-lease model.  We maintain a huge sparkling swimming pool with lots of tables/chairs and loungers for our residents’ comfort, our clubhouse hosts many activities such as free movie nights for children, barbecues and other events throughout the year, our tennis courts and playgrounds are in impeccable condition and available for resident use, our freshwater lake is great for fishing and strolling, and we offer free exercise classes in our gym which has a lovely sauna for post-workout relaxation.  In addition, our community has a lot to offer children.  We are in an A-Rated school district and our community has offered student-supportive programs in the past such as  free tutoring and college scholarships.

* No taxes at Paradise Village

8.  Is it true that owning a home in Rexmere Village / Paradise Village is cheaper than renting an apartment?

It  certainly can be!  Rents in surrounding apartment complexes start at around $1,400/mo for a two bedroom / two bath unit and go up from there. A three bedroom home can easily reach $1,800 - $2,200/month in Davie’s apartment complexes. Additionally, apartment complexes typically charge another $25/mo for trash pickup and sometimes charge for parking and other add-on fees.

Rexmere Village & Paradise Village offer a wide range of affordable housing options.  Of course "affordable" is a subjective term, but we find that our satisfied buyers range from new families in renovated pre-owned "starter" homes through to the most discriminating buyer of luxury lakefront model homes.  Moreover, Davie has become a very attractive destination town for families with children due to the excellence of the Davie public school system. Rexmere Village & Paradise Village offer affordable access to this system, along with the prospect of building long term equity that only home ownership can offer.   Retirees and snowbirds are equally at home in Rexmere Village due to our extensive, resort-like amenities.

9. Are pets welcome at Rexmere Village & Paradise Village?

Because residents own their homes at Rexmere Village and Paradise Village, we can offer a more liberal pet policy than most rentals. We welcome up to two four-legged pets per household. (Just a few "aggressive" breeds are restricted for insurance purposes.)

10.  Does Rexmere Village / Paradise Village supply agent/brokers with an informative email flyer which I can send to my potential and existing customers?

Yes! Just register your prospect into our convenient online system and they will automatically receive beautifully designed electronic communication conveying the many wonderful benefits of purchasing a home at Paradise Village and Rexmere Village.

11.  How do I sign up and get involved?

It is easy! Just click on Agent / Broker referral link on this website to register. Then start entering your prospects, confirm with the sales coordinator that you were the first to refer the prospect!   Your leads will be assigned to a Sales Consultant that has indicated to us that they are willing to collaborate with other Realtors!

12.  What kind of buyers are right for Rexmere Village & Paradise Village?

Our communities encompass residents of all ages, backgrounds and professions. We have newlyweds in starter homes, families with children, retirees, and snowbirds. We have Americans, Canadians, Europeans, and Central/South Americans who all share a desire for an affordable/high-quality lifestyle. Our current residents include the following occupations: Dentist, Law Student, Meteorologist, Financial Administrator, Flight Simulator Engineer, Senior Civil Engineer, Operations Manager, Pharmacist, U.S. Secret Service Special Agent, Teachers, School Board Members, Police Officers, Business Owners, Bank Auditor, CPA, Retired Air Force Colonel, Assistant School Principal, Secretaries, Manager of Chamber of Commerce, Retired Town Council Member, Attorney, Director of Budget at FIU, Psychologist, Bank Auditor, Nurse Supervisor, Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine, Professor, FAA Employee, Medical Billing Specialist, Mall Developer, NOVA Students, and just about any other occupation that you can think of!

Our sweet spot is home buyers with budgets under $150,000 or former renters who want to trade up to the benefits of home ownership. Keep in mind that we also offer resale homes under $50,000 through our own inventory, or through private homeowner listings taken by a Sales Consultant.

13.  How soon after closing will I get paid?

Disbursements are made within a 1-2 weeks of contract closing, just as with any typical real estate transaction.

14.  I'm a licensed real estate agent. Can I legally earn commissions on the sale of manufactured homes?

Yes! You absolutely can earn commissions or fees by sending referrals to a Rexmere Village or Paradise Village sales consultant.   There are no special or added licenses required to refer buyers in our space.