Referral Fees!

  • Earn Referral Fees while Rexmere & Paradise Village Sales Consultants go to work!

  • Perfect For Discerning Buyers with Budgets under $150K!

  • Resort-Style Ownership for Less than Renting!

Three Easy Steps to Extra Revenue!

Referring customers to a Rexmere Village and/or Paradise Village Sales Consultant can be a great way to earn referral fees while helping individuals and families find affordable, high quality housing in two picturesque neighborhoods in Davie (near Ft. Lauderdale).  Many of our Sales Consultants eagerly work with Realtors and develop their own individual terms.  It is easy to get started!  Just follow these steps and you will be on your way to generating extra revenue!

Picture of number 1 Step #1: Become an Affiliate! Simply fill out the online registration form and you will be automatically entered into the database of Realtors referring buyers to Rexmere Village and Paradise Village. You can register online, or in person at the Sales Office in Paradise Village or Rexmere Village.
Picture of number 2 Step #2: Enter your prospects into the online referral database. You will receive a confirmation that your prospect was successfully entered.  The Sales Coordinator will then send you written confirmation that your referral was not already in the database.  Please provide this confirmation upon your buyer closing. You can enter as many prospects as you like.
Picture of number 3 Step #3: Relax while a Rexmere or Paradise Village Sales Consultant goes to work! You can check the status of your prospect's progress at any time.  Disbursements are made 1-2 weeks after closing.